A Child Groans in the Dark
(Part 2)
A Child's Response
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on June 22-23, 1993

Do you know me? Can you see me?
Do I have a name? I'm the person you mistreat daily,
and dare to take no blame.

I'm your little girl. I'm your little boy.
I'm your little bundle of joy! Or that's what you tell me
every night, while you're trying to attain
an alcoholic, sexual or drugged-out height.

Neglected, ignored, abused!
Why did you have me in the first place! The way I'm
treated leaves me so confused!

They say, honor thy father and mother. Why should I?
They've never honored me! I'm here for their
convenience, a small commodity.

I have no place to call my home,
I'm shuffled all around. You have no time to care
for me - will my next stop be the dog pound?

Beat me, kick me, burn me, trick me
To you this is no crime.
You feel no guilt nor sin at all
Time, after time, after time.

I cry, I hurt, I get a cold -
Sometimes even bleed.
It's much too much for you to care or
see that I'm in need.

So my response to all of you,
Who spoke in my behalf?
Will shock, I hope, and worry you
While I rejoice and laugh.

You say you have no time for me
and works your great ambition.
My later work and family life won't
follow this tradition.

The fun you have supercedes your time
for raising me, Oh Pooh!
When you are both much withered and old,
Let's see who raises who?

Why can't you handle me, I ask,
You both are in your prime.
I guess it's hard to raise three children
all at the same time.

Abuse me will you, beat me up
Bruise me head to toe!
I will heal up, and when I do
To court we both shall go!

There are no words that I can say
You sick, perverted monster!
I'll get much bigger, seize the chance
and put you six feet under!

Wake up and look for this sign of defiance
In every crib or playpen,
In every bed or bookbag,
Sewn into every diaper, pair of pants or dress;


Look for nothing less!

Why do I groan you ask yourself
Am I in that much pain?
The brat or monstrous little one
Was born without a brain.

I groan from much mistreatment
Neglect the greatest part.
I live within the shadows
You see me in the dark.

We are a rising force on earth
A nation of ourselves.
Don't look for us in bookcases,
In windows or on shelves.

You ruin our lives day by day
And try to keep us under.
A big injustice you deal us
To keep us under.
A big injustice you deal us
As you attempt and blunder.

We hate you and despise you
And as we grow and grow
Our bodies get much faster
As yours begins to slow.

Parent, listen to me
We've had about enough1
You thought we were so frail and weak,
But we proved that we're tough!

The time is coming swiftly
We'll be on the attack.
When we move out, we're gone for good….
We're never coming back!!!!


Rest Easily, Sleep Peacefully …. If YOU DARE!!!!

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