25 Terrified Students
[ A Tribute to the 'Mad-slasher'
with a purpose ]
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on June 17 - August 13, 1996

School's out. You know what that means -
parties, trips fun and games - and sometimes
summer jobs. Near-naked bodies parading on
beaches! Crowded highways, pushy tourists.
It all starts again - is this the joy of summer?
On the other hand, temperatures climb swiftly,
the sun burns its rays on the population and
sweltering heat keeps you indoors. Air condi-
tioning bills are on the rise! All you can do is
try to beat the heat.

In the midst of this summer routine, a ghastly
figure lurks in the midst. He views in anger the
youths about him - and soon sour memories of
his past drift through his mind. He dutifully
sharpens all his weapons, checks the explosives
and gasoline, mixes the poisons of destruction!

The time for waiting has ended. Tonight is the night for
for revenge! He loads the last gun and walks out the

Back to school! So soon, so quick!
We've only been gone a week!
We turn the corner
and there it is
Tall, dreadful and bleak.

Why are we here
Mommy, Daddy
Tell me quick, tell me please!
Oh yes. A party for all the students
I forget quickly
I'm feeling so ill at ease.

Who'd of thought,
Who'd of guessed
A party here, no way!
There's food and candy
goodies galore
And no one has to pay!

I take my little brother's hand
as we get out the car,
My friends are here,
I'm feeling swell
Just like a movie star!

Ok, we hate school
Long to break out
Run and quickly hide,
This times different
We'll have great fun
Let's enjoy the ride.

Punch for me, punch for you
sweet as sweet can be,
It tastes funny
But we like it
We all shout with glee!

Mom and Dad and all the parents
soon walk out the door,
I hear engines
revving quickly
Excitement soon to soar.

Dancing, singing, get together
Now who did we miss?
My little brother crawls the floor
and points me out as 'Sis'.

Take me to the bathroom
You know I get scared alone,
Strange things may come
and get me
Like in the Twilight Zone!

We walk the darkened hallway
Our eyes are wide with fear,
The party is behind us
But we feel danger near.

He runs out of the boys bathroom
with a small boys head,
I think a prank to fool me
But soon see someone's dead.

I scream and run back with him
We bump into a man,
He turns and glares back at us
An axe is in his hands!

The blood it drips in puddles
We slip and slide on it,
The fear and horror that we feel
does not stop us a bit.

We run back to the party
and yell our story loud,
The lights they go out quickly
And panic hits the crowd.

The murderer encountered
Comes in and shoots a few,
We lost him in the hallway
We wonder how he knew?

One hundred and fifty people
begin to drop in number,
He comes upon you, kills you dead
Your fault because you blundered.

All adults who chaperoned
They're all dead by now,
This calculating killer
He wipes his bloody brow.

Survivors sneak into the hall
deeply undercover,
We run so fast into the gym
I soon think of my mother.

Get to a phone, run for help
How many are alive?
After the count is over
It seems there's twenty-five.

Phone lines cut, doors are shut
Bolted from outside,
I try a window
Give up shortly
Think my goose is fried!

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
We feel like sitting ducks,
Remaining party guests
are running out of luck.

Twenty-five little girls and boys
hide in the school's gym,
From whom? Why the madman
Who's been chasing them!

Twenty-five scared little brats
try to figure out,
Who this is and what his wrath
is really all about.

I hear footsteps up above us
Now I hear a gate!
He's coming here, he's coming now
I think it is too late!

The killer comes into the room
and say's "I've got you now."
He sets the floor on fire
And then gives us a bow.

My little brother gets too close
His chances soon decreases,
The sight I view
an axe is grabbed
He cuts him into pieces!!

I scream and yell above the yells
I crawl through a small hole,
This mad killer kills the rest
doesn't leave a sole!

I go quickly
crawling, squeezing
Make it to the landing,
I must get help
But who'll believe me
Evidence is king.

Running, running, I keep running
Get into the woods,
I see water, It's a river
Swim it if I could.

Tears fall quickly from my eyes
I don't care about them,
Must keep going
I won't stumble
Get away from him!

Tired, tired, I'm so tired
I hear voices near!
To a cabin
Empty is it
This is rather queer?

I made it! I made it!
Oh my Lord
He pulls me into a boat,
The last thing I can recollect
The axe it cuts my throat!!!

I now am thrown overboard
I sink quickly and drown!!

As fire fighters fight the blaze, rescue workers try
to rescue anyone who may be alive within the
schoolhouse inferno. Distraught parents rush
to the scene in disbelief. THEY ARE HORRIFIED
WITH WHAT THEY SEE! Help them, help them
they shout! But we know better, don't we?
You'll be better off digging their tiny graves!

Just then a figure drifts towards an open
mausoleum. It is a bloody, ghastly figure carrying
many weapons. Where there was once smiles and
laughter is now replaced with screams, moans
and tears of sorrow!

The killer's deed is done. He can rest now. He
smiles as he adjusts the stone door back into
place, then locks it shut!

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